On Questions From the Floor

After musing the other day about the “Eliza” program, and whether or not people where going to their favorite search engine and asking it questions to have a conversation, I decided to take a look at my own search logs and see if I had search questions, rather than search phrases.

Here’s some of what I found, just within the past week:

  1. How much does gamestop pay assistant managers?
    That would be in the 19 to 22 thousand range. At least, it was when I left the company two years ago, and I can’t imagine why GameStop would have increased that. The company expects turnover, so they don’t pay to retain.
  2. When can i pick up pre ordered game from gamestop?
    After it comes in. It would be nice if they called you, the customer, to let you know that your product was in, but that’s not GameStop’s modus operandi. :/
  3. Why did rhonda mitra leave boston legal?
    I think you mean Rhona Mitra, and truthfully, I have no idea. The revolving cast door is something that David E. Kelley fans have to accept. He introduces new characters, intended to be regulars, every time you turn around — and then, just like that, they’re gone for good, never to be heard from again. It’s the DEK way. *shrug*
  4. Can feel it, it takes your breath away?
    Okay. Sure.
  5. Why cant captain jack harkness die?
    “She brought you back to life. But she couldn’t control it. She brought you back forever.” So said the Doctor in “Utopia,” and he was referring to Rose Tyler, possessed of the Heart of the TARDIS, and how she brought Jack Harkness back to life on the GameStation in “Parting of the Ways.” Rose made Jack immortal, and she never realized it.
  6. Who was anakin skywalker’s father?
    I don’t know, dammit! But I think it’s Qui-Gon Jinn, and you’ll never convince me otherwise. 😉
  7. What is irn bru supposedly made from?
    Used girders.
  8. Is Allyn Gibson god?

People, Google is not your friend. It won’t have conversations with you. Don’t ask it questions. Just leave it be. 🙂

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