On Quiet Weeks

I admit it.

The last week’s worth of posts have been absolutely less than enthralling.

Two baseball posts. Random slice of life posts.

I couldn’t even muster righteous indignation on the fifth anniversary of “Mission Accomplished.”

My mental space has been a bit constrained the past week. I had a lot of writing on my plate at work this past week, and the days blurred together.

My discovery of the week? I picked up Panini’s Doctor Who graphic novel, Voyager, reprinting the Colin Baker stories of the mid-1980s. While I knew who Frobisher was — I love The Holy Terror, the Big Finish audio with the Doctor and Frobisher — I’d never read any of the original comic stories with the big talking bird. I find it interesting that the literary and audio sixth Doctor is so different than his televised counterpart. The Doctor in Voyager is clearly Colin Baker, but he’s more subdued, less abrasive. One thing I noticed, at least in “Voyager,” was how… broken the Doctor is. Figuring out where these stories are supposed to go is a bit of a challenge, so why the Doctor is damaged goods is a bit of a mystery. Yet, it works for this Doctor, and it’s not that incompatible with the one who shouted at Peri all the time. And John Ridgway’s artwork is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. There are some single-panel pages that are epic and humbling — a scene of a waterfall where the rocks below have been sculpted into giant statues, or a scene where the Doctor stands in the valley of the gods, giant statues that must stand hundreds of feet high, dwarfing everything with their majesty. Amazing stuff.

My worry of the week? The Cubs are on a pretty nasty skid — they’ve lost six of their last eight games. I know, it’s only May. They’re in second place in the Central. A game and a half back. The ship will right itself. I tell myself that.

Beyond that and the baseball games, it was a pretty quiet week. I like quiet weeks. 🙂

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