On Rainy Saturday Thoughts

There are fonts that I like. And there are fonts that I do not like.

Among the fonts I do not like:

  • Comic Sans
  • Garamond
  • Times New Roman

I should say that I don’t just not like Garamond. I outright hate Garamond.

The problem is that I spent years looking at resumes working as a manager for EB Games. And what font does Microsoft Word’s resume generator use? Garamond.

If you were applying for a job, you turned in a resume, and I saw Garamond, you already had two strikes against you.

I dislike Times because of its ubiquity.

And Comic Sans just because.

Someone wants information from me on “LEGO Bob Dylan.”

I’m… intrigued by this.

Mind you, I don’t see the point to a LEGO Bob Dylan. I don’t know what kind of sets you’d put together.

LEGO Beatles could be interesting, though. You could have a Cavern Club set. (Complete with the tenth Doctor and Donna Noble, even!) A Hard Day’s Night sets. Sgt Pepper sets. Yellow Submarine sets. A Rooftop Concert set.

Yeah, I’d buy LEGO Beatles sets.

Hmm. I wonder if there are Beatles smiley sets. I could spruce up my blog with Beatles smilies.

It has been rainy today.

I loved the smell of rain today. It was the smell of springtime.

And I’m ready for baseball season to well and truly start. :cubs:

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