On Ramping Up the Christmas Music

It wouldn’t be December without “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Instead of the version that you probably hear on the radio at least twice this time of year, this is the extended remix by Trevor Horn. It’s notable for a few things. The instrumentation is mixed lower so the vocals are more prominent. And there are a number of spoken messages about Christmas and feeding the poor in the latter half of the track. David Bowie makes a heartfelt plea, while Paul McCartney is strange and goofy.

It also wouldn’t be December without Beatle-esque Christmas music:

This is a track by The Fab Four, a Beatles tribute band. Ten years ago I bought two CDs of Christmas music that they had recorded. (Here’s some thoughts on those albums.) They’ve now remastered those albums and recorded two new tracks, including this “Let It Be”-style take on “The First Noel.”

Looks like I need to double-dip. :h2g2:

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