On Random Fun Facts

Tagged by Ross Vincent, six random facts about Allyn!

1) My eye color changes. I'll go from grey to hazel to blue to green, and it's quite random. Right now they're grey. And tomorrow? Every day is a surprise!

2) My name contains all six vowels, each used only once. I don't think my parents planned it that way.

3) I met John Grisham in a gas station. He was buying a newspaper. I was buying an ice cream sandwich. He's shorter than I'd imagined.

4) At the age of 33, I still enjoy jumping on beds.

5) I do vocal impressions of John Hurt, George Harrison, and Kermit the Frog. Sometimes I'll even have them talk to one another.

6) I laugh hard. Once, I broke a rib. Another time, I passed out from hyperventilation.

And because I'm not going to tag anyone (because that's not the kind of thing I do), a bonus seventh fun fact!

7) I sleep on Winnie-the-Pooh sheets.

Fair enough? 😉

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