On Random Saturday Things

I like post offices with gift shops. The Elderburg post office has a nice gift shop. They had all sorts of collectible things. I bought a postcard set. And Edgar Allan Poe stamps.

I bought a picture frame. My mother gave me a photograph of my grandfather; it’s from the early 1940’s, and he’s in his Navy uniform. I didn’t have a frame for it. Situation rectified.

I have stocked up on alcohol. I have a case of Guinness Draught for Tuesday. I also bought a six-pack of Clipper City Gold Ale.

I wish I could find anything from the Highland Brewing Company up here in Charm City. I’m particularly fond of their Tasgall Ale. And their Oatmeal Porter was good, too. But they’re strictly local to the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia. Bugger. :-/

I wrote. Seven hundred words thus far.

I slaughtered Orcs mercilessly with Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. (Seriously, if you ever need mindless slaughter, the “Southern Gate” level is perfect. You can kill hordes of Orcs for twenty, twenty-five minutes.

I watched the Cubs :cubs: on WGN. I really like Len Kasper and Bob Brenly in the broadcast booth.

I’m going to kill some more Orcs, then come back to the writing. And then crack open a Guinness. Or a Gold Ale. I’ll flip a coin.

I’ve figured out the starting point for a Watchmen sequel. I’ve also decided I need to write down my ideas for a Jason Todd comic series.

That’s been my day.

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