On Rating Notice

Over on the bulletin board run by Simon & Schuster, the parent company of Pocket Books, I’ve recently rated as an “Author.”

Take a look. My name is in blue, and rather than a title of “Member,” I am now an “Author.”

I’m an author. How does this happen?

One of the sysadmins there dropped me a line — would I like an upgrade as one of Pocket’s authors? — and naturally I said yes. I wouldn’t have thought I’d have rated the notice, but hey. Someone wants to give me a custom title, who am I to complain? 😉

You can tell I don’t frequent that bulletin board much anymore — I’ve been registered there since 2000 (and I used that board a lot in the late ’90s), yet since May 2000 I’ve only made two hundred posts.

I’ll have to use my newfound author-fu powers for evil, not good.

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