On Rating the Fictional Presidents

Historians like to create lists. Which presidents were best? Which were worst? So on, and so forth.

My brother called. He mentioned that a television station was showing Dave, that wonderful film about a man called upon to impersonate the president when he suffered a stroke, and his transformation from the tool of the imperious chief of staff into a leader of his own.

This reminded me that several years ago Atlantic Monthly ran an article wherein famous presidential historians ranked fictional presidents as they would have ranked real presidents.

Ranking the Movie Presidents.”

Damn, my google-fu powers are good. 😉

Dave Kovic ranks as a failure, largely because of the extra-Constitutional manner in which he assumed office. But that’s to be expected; presidential historians aren’t known for their senses of humor — or their love of Kapra-esque fairy tales.

Nevertheless, it’s a fun little article. 🙂

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