On Reading Levels

I’d say this is mildly depressing….

Except that it’s not.

I write for a living, and most publications — like newspapers — have a target reading age of junior high school.

Even someone like Hemingway has a low reading age. It’s a function of the writing style employed, and tools like the website are, at best, stat crunching tools. What’s the average word length? What’s the average sentence length? Simplicity is confused for simpleness.

Now if only I could find that website that tests a website for the writer’s gender based on word usage. The last time I found that I do believe I was something like seventy-percent female… 😆

3 thoughts on “On Reading Levels

  1. Maximum Bob, you’re in the UK, yes?

    Elementary school is ages 5 to 11 (roughly).
    Junior High is ages 12 to 14 (roughly).
    High School is ages 15 to 18 (roughly).

    Hope that helps. 🙂

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