On Receiving Galleys

Yesterday I received a PDF version of the galleys for a short story coming out sometime next year.

I was excited to get the check for the story, back in May. But I was downright having a geekgasm over the galleys.

Just seeing this story laid out… wow.

At the risk of sounding needy, I have to wonder what readers are going to make of this story when the book’s released. 😆

Galleys! Mine! My precious!

2 thoughts on “On Receiving Galleys

  1. Here’s one sentence, drawn randomly from page 247:

    “It is madness.”


    The book has been announced, yes, but the publisher hasn’t announced the authors involved yet. I’d rather not steal their thunder, y’know? 😉

    I can tell you it’s 10 thousand words and twenty-two pages. And that’s really about it. For right now.

    Based on knowing the publisher and how they’ve handled things in the past, I’d expect they’d make an announcement about the contents soon-ish. Like by mid-January.

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