On Recent Changes

I’ve made some recent changes to the layout. Unless you’re reading this through the LiveJournal feed, in which case you probably haven’t noticed.

For the theme underlying the webpage, I use Tarski, a very flexible layout with some features that I really like. I find the plain generic Tarski to be a little bland, but one of the ways Tarski is flexible is in enabling a second stylesheet to be loaded in on top of Tarski’s definitions. Which is what I’ve done–I created a stylesheet to make the webpage look like a bulletin board. And then I had to rewrite the stylesheet when a new version of Tarski was released that broke the stylesheet I’d originally written. It took time, effort, and experimentation, but I finally came up with a bulletin board stylesheet for Tarski that I like.

For a bulletin board, obviously things are going to look like they’re handwritten. Hence the use of Comic Sans MS as the font. I like Comic Sans, but it’s not my first choice in a handwriting font. No, that would be Augie, available for free from Emerald City Fontwerks for Windows and Mac. I made a slight change to the stylesheet last night to choose Augie before Comic Sans, so for users with Augie installed the webpage–at least in the actual content area–will now be rendered in Augie. Why do I like Augie? It’s quite close to my own handwriting–I print, I don’t remember how to write in cursive.

The third recent change was the installation of a plugin to output a special Nintendo Wii formatted version of the website for users browsing this website using the Nintendo Wii. If anyone wants to check out this website on a Wii, let me know how it works for you–I can’t actually see the results of this change as I don’t have a Wii.

In the new year I have a few more changes planned for the website with new content coming.

But for now, those are the surface changes in the website. I quite like the look. :banana:

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