On Recent Episodes of The Simpsons

After a fallow period that lasted several years, I find that I’m enjoying The Simpsons a great deal more than I did, say, five years ago.

Watchmen BabiesTake for instance, Alan Moore’s recent appearance.

Or rather, Watchmen Babies.

Because, I don’t know about you, but Watchmen Babies needs to happen.

I can’t imagine what DC would actually do with Watchmen Babies. Maybe it could be a spin-off of Tiny Titans or something. At the very least, it would have the “What the fuck?” factor going for it, and it would be fantastic. Even as a one-shot.

I don’t know who I’d suggest to write it. Or who should draw it. Watchmen Babies.

It should probably look like Tiny Titans. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Like Tiny Titans. And the could have a crossover special — Watchmen Babies Meet the Tiny Titans. And it would be so… cool. 🙂

And then, Sunday’s episode with Sideshow Bob and his brother Cecil was marvelous. Getting John Mahoney as their father was perfect. The only thing that would have made the casting even better would have been Jane Leeves as Sideshow Bob’s mother.

I wish I could say the episode’s plot was as fantastic as the casting. I didn’t buy into Lisa’s unmasking of Sideshow Bob’s scheme, but the little moments — like Keith Olbermann haunting Marge’s dreams, to the television commercial — made the episode.

Ah, The Simpsons. It’s had a rough couple of years, but when it hits, it’s still incredibly inspired. 🙂

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