On Recent Purchases

I went out today looking for the soundtrack to Across the Universe. According to Interscope’s website, the CD went on sale yesterday — odd, considering it’s a Friday instead of the traditional Tuesday — only I couldn’t find it anywhere. And in any event, I wanted the special edition exclusive to Best Buy — supposedly, it would feature all thirty songs from the film, instead of sixteen or so.

Well, I did find the “regular” edition in an FYE. I didn’t buy it, but it gave me hope I’d turn it up at a Best Buy.

Alas, not. It turns out that while the “regular” edition of the Across the Universe soundtrack did, in fact, go on sale yesterday, the “special” edition exclusive to Best Buy does not go on sale until Tuesday. Ergo, I have to wait.

Fortunately, Best Buy is five blocks from the office, so either on my lunch break Tuesday or, more likely, after work it will be nothing to hit the Best Buy on York Road.

While I was out I hit the bookstores. Rumor had it Keith DeCandido’s Q&A was hitting store shelves, so I had to see for myself.

Alas, no such luck for me. I didn’t think there would be; it’s too early in the month.

I did, however, find the new Star Trek manga, Kakan ni Shinkou. I’ve only read half of it. I enjoyed the story penned by Wil Wheaton, despite the feeling that it was missing its middle.

The other thing I found was Silverfin on the remainder table. Silverfin is the first book in the Young James Bond series, and I’d been meaning to read the book, only I’d never gotten around to purchasing it.

A manga. A James Bond book. In a few days, a new CD. These are good things. 🙂

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