On Remembering Moonbase Alpha

Let us not forget:

September 13, 1999 marks the 7-year anniversary of the tragic events at Moonbase Alpha, where all 311 of the base’s inhabitants were lost and presumed killed after terrorists set off a thermonuclear chain reaction on the moon’s Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 2.

The resulting catastrophic explosion blasted the Moon out of Earth orbit and into deep space (an event that has been seared into our collective consciousness through repeated viewings of footage from Alpha’s internal cameras).

It seems hard to believe, but only 7 years after the Moon was stripped from the sky, the events of Sept. 13, 1999 seem distant and remote — as if they had happened 30 years ago, not 7.

Let the Mighty Eagles Soar

Never forget Moonbase Alpha.

3 thoughts on “On Remembering Moonbase Alpha

  1. Space: 1999 is one of those things I’ve wanted to see for a long time, but never got a chance to. I’d heard all kinds of things about it and I have a few books about it but I’d really like to see the series.

    I wish that they’d replay the series on tv. Oh well…

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