On Rescinding an Employment Offer

As some may know I’ve been searching these past three months for an assistant manager at the store. It’s been an interesting search–every time I think I’ve got it sown up, something happens and I’m put back at square one.

Today, we’re back at square one.

I can’t go into details, but I can offer some vague insights.

A job offer is contingent upon two factors–a drug test and a criminal background test. We made an offer to the applicant, but I cautioned him that I was awaiting the results on both and once those were in we could move forward and actually bring him aboard. However, one of the tests turned up some issues on one of these tests on which I sought some clarification from the applicant. I received the clarification, went with this to my supervisor, and after a discussion of the issue we decided to withdraw the offer of employment.

It was the right call. I wish we’d caught this sooner, but I’m glad we caught it now before it became an issue down the road.

Still, this puts me back at square one.


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