On Restaurant Survey Cards

I met my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend this evening for dinner at the Red Robin in North Raleigh. I’ve been to Red Robin once before, last spring down in Wilmington when opening a new store.

I had a Bonzai Burger–grilled in teriyaki sauce, topped with cheddar cheese and grilled pineapple. Oh, oh golly!

After the meal, the server brought a survey card. My father couldn’t read it in the dim light, my mother had problems with the pen. I said I would take care of the card. Halfway down the card there was the question, “What would you add to the menu if you owned the joint?”

I thought for a moment, and quickly jotted down a sentence. “I probably wouldn’t add sushi or Philly cheese steaks,” I wrote. And then I laughed like a madman.

It’s not the first time I’ve writtena slgiht off-kilter restaurant comment. Several months ago at an Italian restaurant I wrote, “The sweet tea wasn’t so sweet that it made my teeth hurt, so that’s a good thing.”

My mother’s judgment? “That’s my son, the published author.”

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