On Restoring Service

Sometimes things break.

Like the blog. Sometimes it breaks. 🙂

To make a long story short, I’d decided before the upgrade to WordPress 2.3 that I’d wanted to put up a new layout scheme for the blog. I’d found exactly what I wanted. It looked clean. It looked modern. It looked super spiffy.

But because WordPress 2.3 was coming — and that meant tags — I didn’t want to install a new theme and then not have it work. So I decided, instead, to install a different theme entirely, something that was, under the hood, close to the WordPress default, and learn from that, when 2.3 dropped, what new changes needed to be made to code.

(Yes, this is pointlessly geeky. Bear with me.)

Well, once I had WordPress 2.3 up and running for several days, I pulled out the theme I really wanted, the super spiffy theme, and made the necessary changes to the code.

I let it run for eighteen hours. Then I switched back to the Stonehenge look.

What was the problem? Well, the new theme was a bit more graphics intensive. Also, the new theme was heavy on the Jscript. Essentially, it loaded more slowly. Smileys looked terrible. In general, it looked fantastic, but it wasn’t right. Mainly, it was the heavier server load that bugged me.

But in switching back, something broke.

Stats weren’t being recorded properly. The comment form had disappeared. These were not good things.

Fortunately, I was able to fix them today. It was, however, mildly annoying.

I do want to make some sort of change, though. I’m just never happy with the way the website looks.


One thought on “On Restoring Service

  1. I can relate. I just changed my theme a few weeks ago and I’m thinking of the next one. I don’t know what the impetus is behind it… maybe we feel our lives are regimented in a way that makes us look for change where we can. Who knows. Sorry to hear about your theme woes. A fellow geek understands. 😉

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