On Rethinking Scenes

So, the other day I sketched out a scene for the novel I’m plotting while on the subway ride home.

As I wrote on this website at the time, I saw it as a follow-on to a previously sketched out scene.

Then, while walking to the post office on my lunch break today, I had a sudden realization.

The scene I’d sketched out? It comes before the previously-seen scene. That scene leads into something else entirely.

I still need the autopsy. I just need to get the body from a different source.

And I realized what that source is.

All the implications from the autopsy still work.

More importantly, a major character arc reveals itself in a much more important way.

And what would have been placed somewhere around chapter seven or eight now happens around chapter two or three. Much earlier in the story, and more appropriate to doling out background information.

This tale is growing nicely. 🙂

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