On Rewatching Attack of the Clones

I watched Attack of the Clones tonight on FOX. Random thoughts.

Damn, that was terrible.

What was the story again?

Obi-Wan looked positively stupid with longish hair.

Has Frank Oz forgotten how to do his Yoda voice?

CGI Yoda looked kinda fake.

Why the frell didn’t anyone realize that Dooku escaped to Coruscant? Don’t they have ways of tracking ships? Wouldn’t he have had to file a flight plan to enter Coruscant airspace? What the flying frell?

Did this even have a story? I saw a lot of set pieces, and I’m still bewildered at how we got from one to another.

I’m trying to figure out what I was drinking years ago when I thought the novelization was even halfway decent.

The Republic gunships made me think of Apocalypse Now. I kept expecting Mace Windu to say, “I love the smell of carbonite in the morning.”

Damn, that was terrible.

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