On Richmond’s New Baseball Team

Richmond is getting a minor league baseball team.

The Defenders of Norwich, Connecticut are moving south, to play ball in Richmond. Once home to the Richmond Braves, Atlanta’s AAA franchise, the Diamond will now host the AA franchise of the San Francisco Giants.

The team is looking for a new name, and the Richmond Times-Disgrace is having a contest to name the team.

I thought about it. I pondered it. I thought about “Colonials.” That sounded good.

But then, historian that I am, the right name struck me.


After the House of Burgesses, the first elected assembly in the British colonies, founded in 1618. A very appropriate name for the baseball team in the capital city of the Old Dominion.

Go and vote. I encourage you, all of my readers, to suggest Burgesses as the name of the team. And maybe you’ll win two season tickets for life to see the Richmond Burgesses. 🙂

However, Richmond really needs to rebuild or repair the Diamond. The place is a bit of dump.

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