On Robbie Greenberger and Farpoint

On Thursday, Robbie Greenberger passed away. The son of longtime DC Comics editor Bob Greenberger, Robbie had been battling leukemia since January. Thursday, Robbie’s battle came to an end. He was twenty.

I wrote, Friday morning, a tribute to Robbie, and I never posted it. Looking at tributes better written than mine, more personal than mine, more visceral than mine, more touching than mine, I thought anything I could add would be… more words. I didn’t know what I had to add. And thus, I was silent.

This morning, I realized how to pay tribute to Robbie.

Robbie was a comics and anime fan. Last year, before he became ill, he put together programming for an anime and comics track for the Farpoint convention held here in Baltimore every February. Farpoint hadn’t had comics programming before, and he wanted to add something new to the programming mix.

I e-mailed the Farpoint Committee this morning, offering to pick up the torch, offering my services to pull it together.

Robbie wanted comics and anime programming at Farpoint.

I think that’s the best possible tribute. To see that his dream carries on.

I’ll pick up the torch and carry it.

“Gondor will see it done.”

3 thoughts on “On Robbie Greenberger and Farpoint

  1. And the actions can carry so much more power than words can at times. I tip my hat to you, sir. Well done.

  2. Allyn, I hope you don’t mind, but I passed this on to Bob at the wake today. He was touched.

    You’ll do a fantastic job, I have faith in you.

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