On Rudy Guiliani’s Speech to the RNC

Said I, to a friend of mine, just now:

“God, Rudy sounds like a limp dick.”

Now, to watch Sarah Palin.

Is there a drinking game for Palin’s speech? Anyone know?

ETA: A late update.

Rudy Guiliani obviously did not receive the Republican talking points for his speech.

He used the word “torture” when describing McCain’s treatment at the hands of the North Vietnamese.

George Bush pointedly did not use the word “torture” the night before.

“Beatings and isolation” do not equate to torture in George W. Bush’s world.

Because if they did, George W. Bush would be on trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity, for authorizing beatings and torture.

I agree with Andrew Sullivan — someone needs to ask Bush, point blank, if John McCain was tortured during the Vietnam War.

Rudy Giuliani obviously thinks so.

ETA(2): Wow, was that awkward.

Palin finished her speech. John McCain came out on stage. And everyone just… froze.

It was like “deer in headlights.” Only it was an entire family.

The body language, the whole vibe, just said, “Awkward.”

Enough of that, then.

Now, bed. 🙂

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