On Sammy Sosa

In some way, this is sad: Sammy Sosa has rejected two contracts with the Washington Nationals. Neither was a guaranteed contract, perhaps minor league work, not more than a million dollars for a single season.

As I said, in some ways, sad. Sosa likely feels that his past performance should inform a future contract, but he’s coming off two weak seasons, one with the Cubs, one with the Orioles. Combine that with Sosa’s anti-social behavior his last season with the Cubs, and the Nationals certainly have the justification to offer Sosa a lower-than-expected contract.

Will Sosa retire, rather than accept a slightly-better offer? It’s a good question, and one I can’t answer. Sammy Sosa was a very good player, a very powerful player, and simply a fun player to watch for a long time out in Wrigley’s outfield, but now he’s a former marquee player in the twilight of his career. Certainly I’d like to see Sosa have one last good season before he hangs up his cleats instead of fading off into obscurity.

2 thoughts on “On Sammy Sosa

  1. Sammy Sosa. When he was young he had no idea where the strike zone was and he still put up pretty good numbers. The Cubs should be glad that two teams gave up on him and they got a shot, later reaping the rewards when he matured. He developed into an incredible power threat and hit almost 200 homers in 3 seasons. Now sits at fifth on the all time list. That’s amazing.

    But I’d kind of like to see him retire because the last few years have been incredibly detrimental for his image. Gets caught corking his bat. Numbers decrease dramatically. Can’t seem to fit in with the Orioles. “Forgets” how to speak English when Congress calls him for questioning.

    He’s worth what the Nats were going to pay him, but I wouldn’t sign him to anything more. He doesn’t have much left and I think he should bow out now and then show up again in six or seven years at Cooperstown.

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