On Saturday WordPress Tinkering

It’s a Saturday. I had to faff around with my WordPress install. 🙂

1) WordPress 3.1 adds, for me, an admin bar that shows up when I look at the live website. I don’t mind it when I’m on a desktop machine; it actually adds a couple of useful tools, like the wp.me shortlinks. But when I’m looking at my website on my mobile phone, it’s awful. So I modified the mobile theme files (specifically, the functions.php file) to prevent the admin bar from appearing.

For the necessary code, see here. 🙂

2) I eliminated the Twitter archive posts in the RSS feeds.

3) I eliminated the Twitter archive posts in the mobile phone theme. This proved slightly more difficult than I expected; the Carrington Mobile theme is just nasty to look at under the hood.

End result. I’ve made the Twitter archive posts largely inaccessible. I’d already eliminated them from the LJ feed, they don’t display on the blog except in searches or tag archives, and now they won’t appear in other methods for reading my website off the website.

I guess the question is — if I’m going to make it difficult for anyone to find the Twitter archives, what’s the point in archiving the tweets in the first place? Honestly, it’s so that I can find stuff. Maybe an idea I tweeted. Maybe a link. Twitter isn’t searchable past a few days, maybe a week. WordPress has much stronger search capabilities — but it has to have the data to search.

All told, half an hour of code tinkering. 🙂

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