On Saturday’s Baseball Game

I did it.

I bought the ticket.

On Saturday, I’m going to DC to see the Cubs visit the Nationals at Nationals Park.

If I have it figured right, it should be Carlos Zambrano, the Big Z himself, taking the mound Saturday night for the Northside Nine.

I could have bought the cheap seats. The ten dollar seats. Or the twenty dollar seats.

Instead, I have something out near the rightfield line in the outfield.

Thirty-nine dollars.

With taxes, surcharges, and e-mailing the ticket to myself, it came to fifty dollars.

But I’m seeing the Cubs, and that’s priceless. 🙂

Even makes up for the aggravation of trying to buy a ticket through the Nationals website. Which was, let me tell you, a pain in the sodding ass.

Go Cubs go!

4 thoughts on “On Saturday’s Baseball Game

  1. Allyn, great site. Love what you did to the Vertigo theme. I’m not what you would call a veteran website developer but I can hold my own. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to fix the calendar widget. It comes out all squished and I noticed that you’ve added a widget that seems to be specific to the vertigo theme. I can’t seem to find it in the plugins. Did you develop this on your own?

    By the way, GO PHILLIES!!

  2. Kip, the calendar widget is customized. Actually, I have a fair bit of customized code in my functions.php file, including a tag widget that works better as a list in the sidebar. If you’re interested, I can e-mail it to you.

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