On Screwing with People

I am such an ass.

I've noticed recently a number of hits on my website, specifically to an image found here of a Cyberman, most of them coming from LiveJournal.

I've always thought it rude to link to someone else's image, so when the BBC released an image of the Cybermen from the new season of Doctor Who I uploaded the promo image of the Cyberman from the BBC website up to my own webserver.

Now, people are linking to the image on my server rather than to the original.

Except that now they're not.

Here's a good example. Or here, if you scroll down to May 14th.

See that word, written in Tengwar, the phonetic alphabet developed by Tolkien for his Elvish languages? Click on the image, look at the image properties. Links back to my webpage, to a file called “cybermen.jpg”. But it's clearly not a Cyberman, not now. 🙂

So, what is it? It's my name, written in Tengwar. At least, I think it's my name, though I may have the vowel symbol above the M-like letter placed incorrectly.

I'm curious to see how long it takes anyone to notice.

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