On Search Madness

WordPress provides, on the back-end, a stats-tracking package. I’ve been using it for a little more than six months now, and it’s pretty nice. I doesn’t give me all the information I want, but it does give me a lot, like what people are looking for.

Beats pulling a server log to get that. 😉

Yesterday afternoon I took a look to see what people were looking for on a fine, dreary Sunday.

And much to my shock, my hits had gone through the roof.

Specifically, the hits on a post on Anakin Skywalker’s father had gone through the roof.

There are time, by the way, that I’ve regretted ever writing up my theory on Anakin’s parentage. Like when someone thought that, for Wikipedia purposes, it was a definitive source. Yeah, that traffic spike was exciting….

Strangely, all these hits yesterday came from the UK. So I wonder if one of the networks there showed one of the Prequel Trilogy films. Especially as all of the hits came at the same time, between 5:15 and 5:30 their time.

Weird. Most weird.

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