On Seeing It In The Wild

After a few days of not blogging, mostly because I’ve been both tired and busy, not necessarily in that order, I went out to Borders.

And there I saw something that made me very happy.

Star Trek Magazine #20.

The cover has Jean-Luc Picard, with a Borg drone loomed in the background. A light blue cover.

“Collective Encounters,” my article on the history of the Borg, can be found therein. It’s a big article, covers lots of ground. Looks fantastic between the covers.

People have been reading it. I’ve seen a couple of variations of “allyn gibson borg history” in my WordPress search logs the last week, leading them to some really old blog postings like my speculations at the time about the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Regeneration” or this one about when the Federation’s first contact with the Borg really was.

It felt good to see the magazine out there, on the shelf.

I’m really proud of the article. Said editor Paul Simpson, “you did a terrific job with possibly the nastiest commission I’ve given out in 3 years on the mag.”

It was a metric ton of research, I’m sure I completely overlooked something significant, but the finished result has a lot of interesting ideas in it. It surprised me. I’m pretty sure “Collective Encounters” will surprise you, too.

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