On Sending a Card to My Niece

Friday afternoon I meant to go out on my lunch break and pick up a card to send to my niece because her gynamstics coach passed away suddenly earlier in the week.

Friday, unfortunately, was a bit of a crazy day, and I didn’t make it out to Hallmark like I’d intended. When I went to Target yesterday afternoon, then, I picked up a card for her while I was there. Not really a sympathy card — as far as I know, my sister hasn’t told my niece that her coach has died — but more of a “thinking about you” card. It mentions hugs and it has a cute cartoon monkey on it.

This is what I wrote in the card:

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your gymnastics event last week — deadlines are really crummy and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise — but I know you were brilliant and you did everyone proud, especially those who couldn’t be there.

I didn’t want to mention her gymnastics coach by name, but I wanted to allude to him in some fashion. Years from now, she’ll look at this card and get it.


Hopefully. 🙂

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