On Sharpe’s Challenge

Something kept bothering me as I was watching Sharpe’s Challenge; I couldn’t figure out who was playing the General’s daughter.

At first, I thought it was Billie Piper, but I knew that wasn’t right. But I knew it was someone I knew from British television.

It was Lucy Brown from Primeval who, as a blond, really does look a lot like Billie Piper.

And I suppose I’d never drawn a connection between Sharpe and James Bond before, until Laura Linney brought it up in her intro to Sharpe, but then I couldn’t help but notice the similarities — impregnable fortress, goes undercover, fights the villain to gain his trust, good Sharpe girl, bad Sharpe girl, gets caught and is tortured, escapes and foils the plan, final confrontation with the villain. He even got the good Sharpe girl, though he rode off and left her in the dust. Stupid Sharpe. And, of course, we had a Bond villain, Toby Stephens, as the Sharpe villain. So, 19th-century James Bond.

And next week! Sharpe’s Peril!

I really need to finish reading this series.

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