On Shore Leave 2006, Day Three

Have I ever mentioned how much I like the buffet breakfast at the Hunt Valley Marriott? I haven’t? Well, I do. 😉

What’s on tap for today? Well, that’s just it–the morning’s looking rather dull and lifeless, and the things I want to see and do aren’t until late in the day.

Shore Leave has a traditional bit of programming, Mystery Trekkie Theatre, in which Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Bob Greenberger play like Mike and the Bots and skewer an episode of Star Trek. (Last year, they didn’t do Trek, though–they found a much better target, William Shatner’s pre-Trek television pilot, Alexander the Great. Bad television, excellent skewer target. ;)) In years past, Mystery Trekkie has been the first thing Sunday morning. This year? It’s what closes out the convention Sunday night.

Let me say… Yuck. See, I’ve a long drive back to Raleigh, and I’m back at work Monday morning, nine o’clock. Mystery Trekkie won’t be finished until 7:30 or so, putting me out of Hunt Valley around 8, factor in a six-plus hour trip, and I’ll probably be on fumes Monday morning. Not ideal by any means. But we do what we must.

As for the rest of the day, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. I see some panels that interest me, but not greatly. I see some things that I might want to do. Saturday had a fantastic schedule, today’s schedule is somewhat less than that. Sigh.

I see on the schedule a panel with a topic that speaks to the way in which fandoms can engage in willful self-delusion–“I Believe in Snape.” Obviously, this is a panel by and for people who believe that Severius Snape isn’t the cold-blooded bastard he so clearly is in the Harry Potter novels, who believe that somewhere deep down in that callous heart of his Snape is actually a nice guy. He’s not, people. Just deal.

Sorry, it needed to be said. We return you to your previously scheduled entry.

Well, once the day is done and I’m on the road, headed back to Raleigh another Farpoint in February (as I did this February past), I don’t need to wait until next July to get feedback on my story. 😉

One thought on “On Shore Leave 2006, Day Three

  1. Oh, yeah, the breakfast buffet is boss… but for thirteen bucks and change, it damn well better be!

    Had great fun at Shore Leave. Was good to see you again, dude.


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