On Shore Leave 2006, Day Two

Ah, the second day of Shore Leave. Today looks to be exciting and jam-packed.

The panel I’m most anticipating today is at eleven–“The Original USS Enterprise, the early American Navy, and the Life of Horatio Hornblower.” I don’t know what this is, but I know that, just from the panel’s topic alone, I’ll be glued to a seat. Star Trek was said by Roddenberry to be “Horatio Hornblower in space,” and though it’s not always true there are some broad similarities between Star Trek and the Age of Fighting Sail.

What else? Perhaps “Has Star Trek Fiction Gone Too Far?” at three. I can think of some drive-by questions to ask at this panel, absolutely. Yes. Yes, I can. People’s heads will spin. 👿

The rest of the day? The Masquerade, obviously, tonight. After that, hanging out in the bar with friends. A couple of other panels to take in, certainly. And I may need a nap.

As I said, today’s looking packed.

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