On Shore Leave 2009, Day One

And so it begins, Shore Leave.

Shore Leave, of course, is the media SF convention I’ve been attending for a decade now. (Wow, does time ever fly…) Guests this year include Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips. On the pure coolness factor, Johnathon Schaech of That Thing You Do! is on the guest list; knowing me, I’ll see him and shout, “ZOMG! It’s the Oneders!” or something.

My schedule for today looks like:

  • Meet The Pros — Hunt/Valley Foyer, 10pm to Whenever
    This is where I get to autograph stuff.

That’s it.

Meet the Pros is a fun little party-like thing. I’m planning on having my Nintendo DS handy, in case anyone wants to Pictochat. (I’ve had a DS for years, and I have never Pictochatted. Is “Pictochatted” even a word?) If not, I’ll play Sudoku, or possibly even LEGO Battles, which is a lot like WarCraft, but with LEGO minifigs and a sucky interface.

Things I’ll sign? For Star TrekConstellations, No Limits, Grand Designs, the Millennium omnibus. For Doctor WhoThe Quality of Leadership, Re:Collections. And I’ll gladly sign issues of Previews, too! 🙂

What else is going on today? There’s a comedy roast of Keith DeCandido. (I’m probably going to pass. Nothing personal. Just not my thing.) And there’s the Pocket Books presentation where they’ll reveal the next eighteen months worth of Star Trek books.

Programming on Fridays is a little light; people just getting in.

It should be fun. 🙂

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