On Shore Leave 2009, Day Three

And today, Shore Leave comes to its annual end.

Alas, alack, and many alarums.

It’s a jam-packed Sunday. What do I have on tap?

  • Writing To Music: The Muse That Inspires — Hunt, 11am to Noon
    Some people write to music. I’m one of those people. What does music do for a writer? Can it put a writer into a mood? Can it inspire scenes, emotional movements, characters? Panelists include Bill Leisner, Keith DeCandido, Dave Mack, Jim Johnson, Greg Cox, and Scott Pearson.
  • A Year Without the Doctor? — Salon E, 3pm to 4pm.
    Honestly, I prefer my original title for this panel, but that’s neither here nor there. This year, 2009, Doctor Who is in its “gap year.” We had “Planet of the Dead” at Easter, and it’s a fair few months until “The Waters of Mars.” How are fans coping? Where are they getting their Who fix? Other panelists include John S. Drew, Steve Mollmann, Terri Osborne, and Aaron Rosenberg.

And with that, my weekend at Shore Leave will be done. I’ll still attend Mystery Trekkie Theatre at 5 o’clock; that’s a Shore Leave tradition, and I couldn’t skip that. (I did a few years ago, but I had to haul ass back to Raleigh to work the next day.)

Other things I might do on the Shore Leave Sunday?

There’s a block of interesting panels at 10 o’clock. Obviously, I can’t attend all of them. So I’ll probably end up attending none. 😉

At noon, there’s a panel on Twilight in Salon F. Having zero interest in the books (or the films), I couldn’t be arsed to attend this, even if someone paid me. There’s also a panel on the Cassini mission to Saturn in the Tack Room. Hmm, I’m actually intrigued by this. I generally don’t do the science programming at conventions. I went to a panel on the Singularity at Farpoint, and I was bored into a stupor by the Powerpoint presentation (because Powerpoint induces brain clouds as a general rule).

At one o’clock, if Star Trek literature is your bag, there’s a panel on the state of the Star Trek universe post-Destiny in the Hunt room. If the history of NASA is your interest, there’s a presentation on that in the Tack room.

And with that, I’ll draw this series of posts on Shore Leave to a close.

It’s possible that I’ll write a post on the comings and doings of the weekend. Or not.

I do, however, have two more episodes of Torchwood to watch and review. But that can wait until the morrow. 🙂

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