On Silly Thoughts on a Snowy Day


Lots of snow!

I looked out my bedroom window, and the snow had piled up to the sill on the roof outside the window.

It’s pretty. There’s a quote from Lance Parkin’s Father Time I sometimes use as an e-mail sig, and it sums up how I feel on days like today:

There comes a time when the fall of snow is no longer the start of a marvelous adventure. There comes a time when it means scraping your windscreen and hoping your car starts. It means aching joints and throbbing sinuses and cold hands and feet. It means taking longer to get to work and spending all day sitting in an office where the heating isn’t on. Grey slush and cracked pipes, cancelled trains and influenza, that’s what snow means. You’ll wake up feeling like that, one day, and it will mean you are grown up. I hope that day doesn’t come soon.

There’s only been twice in my life where I’ve felt that way, that snow meant something bad. The rest of the time? It’s a wonderful thing. 🙂

But, for people needing something fun today, on a day of snow and cracked pipes and late trains, I offer this, my song du jour:

Because I am such an evangelist for Elbow, and people need their daily Elbow fix. And “One Day Like This” has what may be the six greatest words in the English language. And, finally, anyone who knows me knows I would absolutely be a professional sign thrower. 😆

Hot chocolate time!

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