On Skipping Friday

Yesterday was momentous.

Not for anything important, mind you. I wrote at work. I attended a meeting. I ate pretzel sticks. I proofed some materials that crossed my desk. In short, it was a mundane, typical sort of day.

No, the momentousness of yesterday came from this curious fact.

I posted nothing on my blog.

It was the first day since the end of March, 2007 that I didn’t make a blog post.

A span of roughly 725 straight days, adding new content. Ended.

No one said it was good content, least of all me. Sometimes it was politics. Sometimes it was grandmother stories. Sometimes it was a random news article that captured my fancy. Sometimes it was WordPress blathering. Still, it was content.

And yesterday? I didn’t have anything to say. *shrug*

Life goes on. The world didn’t end. Dollhouse was strangely compelling.

The Cubs :cubs: are now 2-2. The Nationals — First in war, first in peace, last in the National League — are now 0-4.

I’m going to fiddle around with my stereo, and see if I can get an AM antenna hooked up, so I can listen to Nats games on the Nationals Radio Network or whatever they call it.

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