On Sneezing

I wouldn’t feel quite so bad were I not sneezing all the time.

If I’m not sneezing, I feel as though I’m about to sneeze.

If I don’t feel as though I’m about to sneeze, I feel like I have something squishy stuck in my nose.

And then I sneeze. And sneeze. And sneeze. And sneeze once more.

I hate having a cold.

I blame the weather. Today was beautiful, highs in the low seventies. Two loads of laundry went out on the clothesline, and I took three more loads to the laundromat. A valuable lesson learned in college–have enough clothes to last a month.

I watched House tonight, a fantastic and surprising episode. I had no idea how things would turn out. Finally, an episode had Robert Sean Leonard in more than a walk-on role. And Hugh Laurie was eerily believable as he went through vicodin withdrawal. Great, great stuff.

Oh, I feel a sneeze coming on.

I could take cold medicine, dry up the sinuses, stop the sneezing. Cold medicine makes me feel worse, makes me feel hyper, makes my head swim.


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