On Snow Patrol's "Signal Fire"

As I was walking out of the theatre Saturday from seeing Spider-Man 3, I caught a few bars of the song that played across the film’s closing credits.

I said to my sister, “Is that Snow Patrol? It sounds like Snow Patrol.”

“I like it,” she said. “I don’t know who it is.”

I couldn’t catch the song clearly. Yes, it definitely sounded like Snow Patrol.

Ah, Snow Patrol. One of those bands I felt like was “mine” before everyone else discovered them. Thank you so much, Grey’s Anatomy. :/

Yes, it was Snow Patrol on the closing credits of Spider-Man 3. The song is called “Signal Fire.”

And it’s not that good.

It sounds more like a pastiche of a Snow Patrol song than a new, authentic Snow Patrol song. It’s a facsimile, a simulacrum. I’ve heard this song before. It’s had other names, but I know this song. It’s called “Chasing Cars.” It’s called “Open Your Eyes.” There’s nothing new about “Signal Fire.” It’s all formula.

It’s a pastiche. Snow Patrol pastiched themselves.

Bleh. :/

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