On Snowy Conditions

Like my blog, today has been snowy.

I heard this morning that we were supposed to receive two inches of snowfall. How, I wondered? The skies were gorgeous and clear. Not really blue, but somewhere in between that and salmon.

I sat at my desk, at the window overlooking Timonium, and wrote marketing copy all morning. Occasionally, the sky would turn grey. Clouds would roll in, and the sky would fill with heavy flakes as they fell.

Sometimes, the snowfall lasted a minute. Sometimes ten. Sometimes it was furious. Sometimes it was gentle.

It always tapered off. The sky always cleared off. Whatever accumulation fell, usually enough to turn a car’s roof white, always melted.

The weather did this throughout the day.

At one point, the director of marketing came over to talk to several different writers. In the course of this conversation, we watched snow, driven furiously by a heavy wind, fall in sheets several blocks over. It was amazing to watch, to see snow fall at such a span, heavy enough that not only was it noticeable but it made buildings blocks away look faded out and hazy, as though gauze had been pulled down from the sky.

On the way home, the snow again began to fall, this time heavier than it had been at any time during the day. The back roads in the neighborhood had turned white, the snow was beginning to stick.

It’s not expected to stick around. No accumulations of inches are to be expected.

It was fun to watch. 🙂

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