On Some Beatle-y Newness

I love eBay. When eBay works out for me, that is. When eBay doesn’t work out for me, then I hate eBay. It’s just how it goes.

This is one of those times that eBay worked out for me.

I now have a new Beatles bootleg in my collection. šŸ™‚

This one’s called Anthology Plus, and it’s something of an adjunct to the three Anthology albums of a decade ago.

Damn. Has it really been a decade? It has been a decade! Gorram.


There’s a mix of tracks, in varying sound quality, from the band’s Hamburg days right through until Abbey Road.

This is a really nice, quality package.

I love eBay. šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “On Some Beatle-y Newness

  1. Ooh. I’ve always been too scared to take the plunge with Beatles bootlegs. Don’t ask me why, my answer would be the purest gobbledegook. I had shelfloads of Springsteen boots, and downloaded a lot, too, but I’ve never even heard the “real” Get Back sessions.

  2. Oh, I’d definitely recommend getting hold of one of the Glyn Johns Get Back mixes. It’s interesting to compare what he prepared with the released product Phil Spector cobbled together. šŸ™‚

    My bootleg collection tends to be Get Back outtakes (like the complete rooftop concert), and I have a disc of the “White Album” demos.

    Earlier periods don’t have as much interest for me, unfortunately.

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