On Some Random Observances

Sitting in my car this morning, after I’d pulled into my parking space at work, I took a look through the sunroof at the sky. It was cloudy, chilly, even a little blustery. And what did I notice?

Muddy cat footprints. On the sunroof.

I’ve long known the cats liked getting on the car, but I would never have thought they’d get on the roof of the Beetle. They’d have to cross glass no matter how they did it, and cats generally don’t like walking on glass when they can see right through it.

Hopefully it will rain tonight, and the muddy footprints will wash away. 🙂

Who am I more like? Calvin or Hobbes? A quiz reveals the answer!

A Bit Of Both

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I had no idea that I had Nick Drake’s album Pink Moon in the stereo. A CD of Beatles demos for the White Album sessions just finished, and the stereo went to the next CD in the queue. Hmm, I must’ve been listening to Drake at some point, just don’t remember when.

Nick Drake. Pink Moon. I really like this album. I love the sound.

One thought on “On Some Random Observances

  1. LOL…you’ve been pawed!!
    (That was a term one of the kids in my daycare used to describe when the family pet would get on their car).

    For a while, we use to get possumm and raccoon paw marks on our cars hoods and roofs.

    And don’t always believe that thing they say about cats; I have ones that like to stand on the glass and mirror topped coffee tables, and I was told that cats would NEVER stand on either one.

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