On Some Really Cool LEGO Videos

I love LEGO. But not as much as some people love LEGO.

These people love LEGO. And stop-motion. And making videos.

Grand Theft Auto: LEGO City.

LEGO Halo 2.

The first takes one of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City commercials and redoes it using LEGO. The second takes one of the Halo 2 trailers and redoes that using LEGO. There’s just something so very wrong about seeing LEGO minifigs making a drug deal, stealing cars, and blowing shit up. 😆

Color me impressed. The people who created these videos have talent, patience, and a lot of time. Good job guys, bloody well done.

2 thoughts on “On Some Really Cool LEGO Videos

  1. My 8 year old spent a few hours last school holidays making a Lego video. 🙂

    I spent more time stringing a couple of hundred photographs together. 😯

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