On Something for the Beatles Fans

From time to time I’ve mentioned “Now and Then,” a John Lennon demo that keeps getting touted as a potential release in some fashion in the coming months. Indeed, there’s a fan-created mix of the song that I think sounds positively Beatlesque.

Maybe it’s all just wishful thinking. That there’s something in the vault, something new and exciting and different, and it will be awesome. Maybe.

Then, I was pointed in the direction of this.

An group of Argentinian Beatles fans put together an entire album. Lennon, Harrison, and McCartney demoes are given a polish, including rerecordings of “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love.”

It’s an interesting curiosity, this album. Some things work, some things don’t. The sound is maybe a little too layered at times. “Grow Old With Me” in particular is mangled for no good reason.

I’ll keep it. 🙂

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