On Something That Would Be Cool To Have

At work today I was writing solicit copy for posters.

And one of the posters I wrote solicit copy for? Drew Struzan’s Blade Runner: The Final Cut movie poster.

Apparently, Struzan had done this poster for the film’s original release, but it was never used. However, Ridley Scott had always preferred that poster to what was used by the studio in 1982, and for the two city theatrical release of The Final Cut — New York and Los Angeles, for anyone wondering — Struzan’s twenty-five year-old poster design is being used.

And how much are we selling this official double-sided theatrical lobby poster for?

A hundred and ten dollars.

I don’t know what it looks like. I didn’t get that information. But damn! A Drew Struzan Blade Runner poster! The mere thought of it induced a Pavlovian reaction.

A hundred and ten dollars, though.


I don’t need it. What would I do with it? More importantly, where the hell would I put it?

A hundred and ten dollars puts a hell of a lot of shit in perspective, y’know?

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