On Space Bat

We must take a moment to salute a true hero, Space Bat.

On March 19th, a bat affixed himself to the space shuttle Discovery and took off into space.

It was, sadly, also his last flight into space.

A tribute video to a true space pioneer:

And a memorial website in tribute to Space Bat.

We salute you, Space Bat.

2 thoughts on “On Space Bat

    1. ‘Cause it is kinda sad, Natalie. :-/

      The article talks about why the bat didn’t simply fly away when the vibrations started. The mission planners assumed it was okay and would do so, but veterinarians think he had a broken wing and was holding on for dear life.

      As for the humor, the music helps with the context. “Faith of the Heart” was the theme song for Star Trek: Enterprise, and the video montage was an homage to the opening credits for the series.

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