On Star Trek Series 5 Rumors

There is a rumor that the next Star Trek series will be about the 29th century timefleet. This rumor hasn’t gotten much airplay at all, but it’s out there, and some sources suggest that the “Birth of the Federation” rumor exists as disinformation to cover the timefleet scenario.

My one complaint with the timefleet scenario is that it’s Doctor Who, just under a different name. Travelling through time and space, righting wrongs, etc.

Of course, I had the crazy idea once that perhaps Paramount should enter into a co-production agreement with the BBC for Doctor Who, and then spin a new Doctor Who series out of Star Trek. Start it with the Doctor visiting Deep Space Nine, then taking on a Starfleet officer as the companion character, then kicking out of the Trek universe after the pilot.

Fortunately, nothing this insane will ever happen. đŸ™‚

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