On Star Trek, Series V

TrekToday has some interesting details on the next Star Trek series, in particular who the characters will be. Is it for real?

I’ve talked with some friends of mine about the TrekToday article. All agree that it’s bogus for a couple of reasons. The names are a little in-jokey. A real casting bulletin wouldn’t go into detail about the role of each character; instead, it would list the physical attributes they were looking for (without actually naming the character). Someone suggested it looked more like a page out of a possible series bible, but I’m not even sure of that.

However, given the sheer number of rumors that the series is going to be pre-TOS, I wonder how close to the mark the “casting sheet” was.

Could they make a prequel series look as though it took place before TOS? I’m not sure. How do you make something look more advanced than now, but less advanced than TOS (which, frankly, looks less advanced than now in some respects)? It would be difficult.

Honestly, here’s what I’d do, if I were the one in charge. Set it either in Kirk’s time, or maybe even Pike’s time (though I don’t know that I’d go the whole route and do a series about Pike). Set it on a sector starbase near the Klingon border, so it would be like DS9. But also have a starship attached to the station and we’d follow that starship’s adventures maybe a third of the episodes (and for several episodes at a stretch, even). Setting it during Pike’s era means we could have the Enterprise drop by (and it would mean recasting Pike, Number One, Spock, etc.) and maybe even have a young Kirk breeze through the place. I haven’t figured out how this would be much different than DS9 or Babylon 5, though.

We’ll see how it all plays out. We should know something definite shortly, by April or May at the latest, if the series really will debut in September.

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