On Star Trek Vs. Batman

I downloaded the trailer for a new fanfilm, Star Trek Vs. Batman, from Rasco Films. The trailer is short, about a minute long, and shows actors recreating the ’60s Batman television series running around with actors recreating the ’60s Star Trek series. The Kirk actor doesn’t look quite right, the Spock actor is clearly wearing fake ears, and the Batman actor looks a little short as compared to Robin. The Batmobile, however, is downright fab, and seeing a “Kapow!” on the screen when Batman punches Kirk is priceless.

It looks like it could be goofy fun when finished. 🙂

One thought on “On Star Trek Vs. Batman

  1. hey was looking for stuff on this movie and saw your comment page…thanks and just wanted to tell ya my dad is playing bones….lol….hope you enjoy it when it comes out….

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