On Steamy Weather

Late last week it started to rain.

It rained for several days. This was a good thing — we’ve had a bit of a drought here in Maryland this summer. The reservoir has fallen a good fifteen feet or more. The newspapers run stories about homes without water.

And the temperatures fell. The middle of last week the temperatures were hovering around the mid-nineties. As the rain fell, temperatures fell into the sixties.

As late as Wednesday, our high temperature was around sixty-five.

Sixty-five degrees. In August.

It was foggy. It was soppy. Hard rains fell. Soft rains fell.

And then, Thursday, the clouds broke. The temperature hit the mid-seventies.


Mid-nineties again. Incredibly humid. We live in a sodding jungle. A minute outside takes one’s breath away.


I miss the rains down in Africa.

Oh, sorry. I’m channelling Toto there.

Blech. :/

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