On Stephen Fry and Doctor Who

Stephen Fry is in talks to write an episode of Doctor Who.

Intriguing news, this is. I’ve enjoyed Fry’s novels. He’s clearly a science fiction fan to judge by Making History, and he’s certainly a fan of Doctor Who in particular. He gave a fantastic performance in the Doctor Who audio, Death Comes to Time, and my fervent wish coming out of Death Comes to Time was that the spin-off series based on his character, the Minister of Chance, would happen. Sadly, it hasn’t.

While I’d love to see Fry appear in the program, reprising his role as the Minister perhaps, I can only wonder what tricks Fry might have up his sleeve as a writer. Might the Doctor encounter Professor Trefusis? Or knowing of Fry’s love for Sherlock Holmes, might the TARDIS pay a visit to 221B Baker Street? Hopefully we’ll know, but likely not until 2007.

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